6mm Orion Long Eye Relief Telescope Eyepiece

Best reviews of 6mm Orion Long Eye Relief Telescope Eyepiece

  • 6mm focal length telescope eyepiece ideal for sharp high-magnification views
  • Very long 20mm eye relief makes each view comfortable, with or without eyeglasses
  • Wide 55° apparent field of view gives you a large window to the cosmos
  • Provides excellent correction for sharp details all the way to the edge
  • Threaded for use with 1.25″ Orion eyepiece filters

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Our 6mm Orion Long Eye Relief telescope eyepiece features a luxuriously long 20mm eye relief so you can enjoy the full view with or without eyeglasses on. If you don’t wear glasses while you observe, a supple, pop-down rubber eyeguard helps to position your eye so you take in the entire view. When using the telescope eyepiece while wearing corrective lenses, you can pop the rubber eyeguard down to avoid contact with your glasses. The gorgeous fully multi-coated 1.25″ 6mm eyepiece delivers rich, high-contrast images across a 55° apparent field of view. With seven lens elements in four groups, the 6mm Long Eye Relief eyepiece provides excellent correction so stars stay sharp and bright all the way to the edge of the visible field. In fact, Orion Long Eye Relief eyepieces are more highly corrected than popular Plössl eyepieces. With its relatively short 6mm focal length, this eyepiece will provide a high-power view in most telescopes, perfect for detailed high-magnification views of the planets and Moon. Bright deep-sky objects such as globular clusters and bright compact nebulas also display well in the 6mm Long Eye Relief telescope eyepiece. You can further optimize views through the 1.25″ 6mm eyepiece with any Orion 1.25″ eyepiece filter since its 1.25″ barrel is threaded for filters.

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6mm Orion Long Eye Relief Telescope Eyepiece